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Request Hospital Charge Estimate

Medical Costs at Methodist Health System

The hospitals of Methodist Health System believe it is important for our patients to understand their potential financial liability before services are performed. Patients are encouraged to request a charge estimate for any hospital procedure/service/test by calling our facility financial counselor by phone or in person on campus:

Patient Estimate Tool

Methodist Health System also provides a Patient Estimate Tool for patients to use to estimate their costs. This tool will guide the user through several questions and will provide a list of expected estimated charges based off off insurance or uninsured discounts. If you have any questions about the Patient Estimate Tool, please reach out to our of our Methodist financial counselors.

Estimates are based on information provided by you (the patient) and do not include additional tests/procedures/services ordered by your physician after the initial estimate or post unforeseen complications, or physician charges which are billed separately by your physician.