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Do I Really Need Dietary Supplements?

One question many doctors often hear is, “Do I need dietary supplements?” Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all response. With several factors coming into play, such as diet, lifestyle, and disease and illness risks, the answer can vary for many. Though there is no “yes” or “no” response, there are a few things to consider listed below if you’re wondering if dietary supplements are the right fit for you.

Start With a Healthy Diet

Your first source of vitamins and minerals should be through your diet. A well-balanced and colorful diet of vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins can provide you with individual dietary fibers and bioactive compounds that cannot be found in vitamins or mineral supplements. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from daily vitamins or supplements.

For some, no matter how well you try and balance your diet, you may still be deficient in specific vitamins and nutrients, in which supplements can help. This often occurs through routine blood work testing. For example, in the winter, it’s quite common for many to experience a deficiency in vitamin D.

Most Common Supplements

Beyond vitamin D, many find they still lack the essential levels of:

  • Vitamin B12: which plays an essential part in blood formation as well as brain and nerve function.
  • Calcium deficiency: often common in women, a lack of calcium can lead to soft and fragile bones also known as osteoporosis.
  • Magnesium deficiency: one of the most critical minerals in your body and is essential in bone and teeth structure.

When to Consider Supplements

For expecting mothers, prenatal vitamins can ensure you and your baby are getting all the nutrients your body needs, including folic acid.

But for those not expecting, staying on top of your regular well visits will help you find where your body is lacking. From supplement questions to nutrition and exercising counseling, Methodist Premier Wellness can help you attain better total health.

Whether you are home or away, we are accessible and ready to assist you! Schedule your comprehensive health exam, or contact Dr. Hollenshead about preventive and diagnostic dermatology today.