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Holiday Travel and Your Health

Keeping Healthy During Holiday Travel

Are you looking to travel this holiday season? Whether you’re visiting family and friends, or looking to explore a new town or country, here’s how to keep healthy during what is known as the busiest travel season of the year:

Check With The Doctor Beforehand

Before you hit the airport, you’ll want to check in with your Methodist Premier Wellness doctor, so they can help you plan. From precautions to medications and needed vaccinations, your doctor will decide what is required to keep you healthy throughout your travels. If you do become ill, your doctor is available to you 24/7 to help guide you.

Practice Proper Germ Prevention

Before boarding a plane, wipe or clean the entire area with antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer, especially the armrest and snack tray. Germs are easily spread when something contaminated is touched, and then that person touches or rubs their eyes, nose, or mouth. So when in a public place or at the airport, avoid touching handrails and be mindful of how often you touch your face.

Keep Good Hygiene

The best course of germ prevention is through proper handwashing. When traveling, wash your hands as often as possible, before meals, after meals, and before touching your face. You should wash your hands with clean water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to rinse them well and dry them thoroughly. Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer on hand for times when water and soap aren’t available.

Don’t Ignore Your Health and Wellness

Vacations can often be packed with tons of activities, but keeping healthy requires plenty of sleep, proper nutrition, and fluids. Be sure to stay on top of meals, and stay active when you can. Straying from your routine could weaken your immune system, leading to illness.

Methodist Premier Wellness is centered around your total health: mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are home or away, we are accessible and ready to assist you! Schedule your comprehensive health exam or blood analysis, or contact Dr. Hollenshead about nutrition counseling today.