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The Importance of Work-Life Balance

When we live in a world that is always on the go, a work/life balance might seem like an unattainable goal. Sure, we’d all like to have more “me” time, but how often do we make it a priority? Did you know improving your balance between work and play can not only improve your mental and physical health but can improve your job performance as well?

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If you are currently on the brink of work burnout, listed below are a few reasons why improving your work-life balance is worthwhile.

Boost Your Mental Health

Technology has made it easy for us to work 24/7 which can lead to long hours and unhealthy stress. When your mental health is ignored, stress-related illness and depression can occur.

By taking some much-deserved vacation time, you can step away from the hectic day-to-day and return refreshed and ready to work.

Less Chance of Illness

Your mental and physical health are intertwined. With long work hours comes a lack of sleep which contributes to a weakened immune system. You are at a higher risk for increased illness when your immune system is compromised due to a high level of stress.

Additionally, when you spend the majority of your time in the office, you spend less time consciously thinking about your diet and physical activity. Over time, the additional stress can increase your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Better Productivity

When you take time for yourself, you’ll feel better and will be more productive at work. Additionally, your mind becomes more relaxed and your productivity increases.

So how do you begin to get back to a healthy work/life balance?

  • Learn to say no. Prioritize your work and don’t take on any projects that are too big to handle.
  • Find more “me” time. Whether you use your lunch break to workout, read or go for a walk, little daily me moments can help relieve stress and get you back to a better state of flow.
  • Embrace time off. Stop planning for one day, and start living for today — you get vacation days for a reason. Whether you plan a week-long getaway or a weekend trip, be sure you do it without your work phone and with your family and friends.

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