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What Your Gut Could Be Telling You

You’ve probably heard about the bacteria that live in your gut, but why are they important? Well, for starters they work to help you digest your food and metabolize certain medications. They’re also believed to create a protective barrier against the “bad bacteria” that cause infections. When you’re at ideal health, you should have an equal balance of bacteria in your gut. Just like your DNA, everyone’s gut microbiota is unique. A healthy gut is believed to lead to better moods, better sleep, and a better immune system, so it’s vital that you begin listening to your gut more closely.

woman holding her stomach

How Does Your Gut Affect Your Health?

Many daily factors are believed to play a part in your gut health — diet, environment, genes, and medications, just to name a few. Certain strains of gut bacteria have been linked to heart disease, cancer, immune system issues and more. Your gut balance could determine your ability to absorb nutrients, too.

Symptoms of a Gut Imbalance

A gut imbalance can often manifest itself in several ways, such as an upset stomach, unintentional weight changes, skin irritations, food intolerances, and more. For instance, some studies believe that certain types of eczema could be related to a damaged gut.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to ensure your gut health is in check, such as:

  • Lowering stress levels

  • Using antibiotics sparingly

  • Staying hydrated

  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet

If you notice cramping, bloating, diarrhea, fatigue or more, start keeping an eye out for the cause. Food intolerance could be present, and by eliminating the reason, you can see a significant improvement in your overall digestive health. High-fiber foods, garlic, onion, and fermented foods have all been linked to increased gut health.

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