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Nuclear Medicine

What is it?

A nuclear medicine study uses slightly radioactive materials along with a specialized camera to create images of internal organs and tissues. The radioactive material may be injected with a needle or swallowed, depending on which internal organ or structure the doctor wants to examine.

After the material has had enough time to build up in the targeted area, the person lies on a table while a specialized camera is positioned above them. The radioactive material gives off gamma rays, which are detected by the camera. The data is transmitted to a computer that translates the information into a moving image.

Who needs it?

A nuclear medicine study can help diagnose diseases and disorders affecting the nervous system, kidneys, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and blood cells, as well as cancers and Graves’ disease. This study can provide more information about the function of organs and structures than nearly any other type of imaging test.

Services offered

Nuclear imaging is available by the order of a physician at Methodist Dallas. Please contact a physician at (214) 943-9911.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures and therapies. These include:


Diagnostic exams

Contact us

Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Nuclear Medicine Department*
1411 N. Beckley Ave
Dallas, TX 752458
Phone: (214) 947-2634

*Nuclear Medicine is located in the main hospital on the 2nd floor in Radiology. You will be given directions when you register in the outpatient office prior to your exam/procedure.