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Top 5 Unhealthy “Health” Foods

Posted by Caroline Susie on Jan 19, 2016 8:35:52 AM


Don’t fall for trends!  Here are the top 5 unhealthy “health” foods!

Coconut Oil
This oil is insanely high in saturated fat.  We have over 70 years of studies that associate saturated fat with heart disease.  Opt for canola or olive oil instead!

This trend still baffles me.  Food is meant to be consumed, not sipped.  Why the heck would you blend fruits and vegetables instead of eating them?  When you eat an actual apple, there is an entire cascade of hormonal reactions.  The act of chewing itself signals your brain!  Juices also remove one of the most important nutrients, fiber!

Egg Whites
Why?!  You are missing almost all of the nutrition!  The yolk will help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A and D found in eggs.  Recent studies show that egg yolks a few days a week won’t raise your bad LDL cholesterol levels.  So, quit tossing that yolk!

Two words for you here, calories and fat!  Most granola is high in sugar too.  No wonder it taste so darn good!  If you have to have granola with your yogurt, make your own at home. 

Coconut Water
This is basically water with sugar in it.  At 46 calories per cup, you are better off to hydrate with gold old-fashioned water.  But what about all the electrolytes you say? There is more potassium in a banana or a potato, both of which contain way more vitamins and minerals!

Eat Well for Your Digestive Health



Caroline_Susie_correctedCaroline Susie RD/LD
Manager Employee Wellness
Methodist Health System

Caroline manages the internal wellness program to improve the health of Methodist Health System’s employee and dependent population. A University of Oklahoma graduate, Caroline has 10 years experience as a registered and licensed dietitian. 


Topics: Nutrition, Wellness

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