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Spring Break Health Tips

Posted by Caroline Susie on Mar 10, 2016 7:00:00 AM


All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go!  Whether by car or plane, travel can wreak havoc on your diet.  While travel is great for your soul, it can be devastating to your waistline. Check out these tips to enjoy your trip while keeping your health top of mind!

  • Water! Always have a bottle of water on you.  This will help you combat dehydration from your flight or your time out in the sun.  Not keen on water?  Jazz it up by adding slices of cucumbers or citrus.  Push high water content foods like watermelon, kiwi, cucumbers, peaches, cantaloupe, tomatoes and or yogurt. 
  • Plan ahead! Unusual and uncertain schedules can lead to limited, poor food choices.  This can make you tired, irritable and can lead to digestive issues.  Sounds like a super fun trip!  Plane or car, pack your snacks!  Sandwiches, water, fruit, hummus, whole grain crackers, baby carrots, all are very portable!
  • Lack of sleep + alcohol + high sugar/processed foods can wear you down. Build up your immune system by constantly washing your hands and really pushing fresh fruits and veggies.  These nutrition power houses are full of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy for your vacay!
  • Don’t be a beach bum! Pack your running shoes.  One less excuse!  Get to know the city you are visiting by taking a bike ride, walk or run to better acquaint yourself with your surroundings.  This will also help with jet lag.  Don’t come home with a vacation hangover.  Exercise each day to offset your additional calories. 
  • Mind that menu. Who doesn’t love dining out?!  It is a wonderful time to try new bites and not have to do dishes (wahoo!).  But, dining out can lead to extra consumption of calories, fat and sodium.  Eek!  Watch your portion sizes by sharing on entrée or asking for a to-go box immediately.  Always opt for grilled over fried, and ask for steamed veggies. 
  • Be smart with your libations as we tend to have a few more happy hours while on vacation. Have a glass of water between each adult beverage.  Avoid high sugar mixes and opt for sparkling water or diet soda.  Also be mindful of those calories as they can sneak up on you:



Light Beer




Wine (5 ounces)


Liquor (1.5 ounces)


Bloody Mary (5 ounces)


Mimosa (5 ounces)


Margarita (8 ounces)






Caroline_Susie_correctedCaroline Susie RD/LD
Manager Employee Wellness
Methodist Health System

Caroline manages the internal wellness program to improve the health of Methodist Health System’s employee and dependent population. A University of Oklahoma graduate, Caroline has 10 years experience as a registered and licensed dietitian. 

Topics: Nutrition, Wellness

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