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For the Love of Running

Posted by Craig Premo on Jan 26, 2016 8:27:19 AM


Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Run with Heart is right around the corner, on Saturday, Jan. 30, and you still have time to join the fun! Choose from a chip-timed half marathon or 5K or a 1-mile fun run/walk. Wondering how to prepare? Check out what these three do to get ready.

What are your favorite training tips for preparing for a 5K or half marathon?

John Phillips, FACHE, President, Methodist Mansfield

Set a realistic goal for your run and then train to achieve this goal. For most of the 5K’s I’ve run, I have tried to run as fast or a little faster than my previous 5K. My training involves speed work, interval training, and tempo running. This helps me keep my tempo up when I’m running out of gas at the 2.5-mile mark of a 5K. For a half marathon, I just try to enjoy it as opposed to running fast. Since I’m not a great distance runner, I like the challenge of finishing any run over 12 miles. My training prior to a half marathon includes several 8- to 12-mile runs in the months leading up to the race. If I can complete at least two 10-mile runs prior to a half marathon, I’m pretty confident that I can finish with a smile on my face and still be able to walk the following day!

Angel Biasatti, Director, Community and Public Relations, Methodist Mansfield

My advice for training is to find someone who can challenge you, console you, and most important, hold you accountable. The most important aspect of training is researching and developing a plan and following through. My daughter and I prepared for a half marathon. Even though she was three hours away at college, we each had the workout programmed to our phones and were able to hold one another accountable by screen-shotting our training runs, which showed the time and distance of each run. This made it a competitive but fun 10-week training period.

Randall Canedy, President of Frost Bank in Mansfield and Chairman of the Methodist Mansfield Community Advisory Board and member of Methodist Health System Board of Directors

As a lifelong runner, I generally run frequently the week before a race, making certain I don’t have any strains or injuries that might impede my participation. I also work on setting a pace that I feel I can maintain to achieve a target time. The night before, I make sure I eat pastas and drink plenty of water so I won’t have any issues with stamina during the race. The most important thing I do prior to the race is to stretch for a good 15 minutes. It’s amazing what a short stretching period will do toward making for a comfortable run — something we all hope for.

What is your favorite Run with Heart memory?


My favorite Run with Heart memory is dedicating our very first Run with Heart to a Methodist Mansfield staff member who was awaiting a heart transplant. The morning of the run, this staff member showed up to the race to provide our team moral support. She was so ill, she had to remain in a wheelchair the entire time, but her presence reminded me of why we were holding the event. There are so many people impacted by heart disease, and anything we can do to help is worthwhile. Thankfully, just a few weeks later, this staff member received her heart transplant and is doing great today!


My favorite memory is somewhat simple. What I remember about these runs is that I was able to do them with my daughter, Cecilee, and my wife, Tonya, showing up early to stretch in the misty rain, wondering what the heck we were doing. Looking back, I know what we were doing — we were staying true to our commitment to run. We made the decision to exercise in order to remain healthy and try to stay in shape. Make the commitment, get organized, find an accountability partner, and get after it. You will enjoy it, and after your Run with Heart, one day your heart will thank you.


It is just such a well-organized event, and its purpose — attention to heart health — is so important. It makes me proud that our hospital has events that bring attention to wellness and health maintenance that can prevent medical problems in the future. It’s a truly great event that has already become another in a long list of wonderful community events the hospital supports.

So grab your sneakers to honor those living with heart disease, loved ones, and emergency responders while supporting cardiology services at the hospital. 

Run With Heart

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