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Alien Invasion: A Story-based Corporate Wellness Program

Posted by Carrie Camin on Dec 22, 2015 9:51:24 AM


Methodist Health System is on a mission to save and improve lives, and being physically active is a big part of staying healthy. Doing it in innovative, fun ways is even better! That’s why this fall we partnered with Fitness Interactive Experience to offer A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion.

Embracing your inner big kid — and competitive spirit

Alien invasion? While many corporate wellness programs focus on weight-loss goals and “knowing your numbers,” this intriguing-sounding game is a six-week story-based walking challenge where players are chased by an army of alien invaders. From October through November 2015, the avatars of corporate teams eluded alien invaders while in the real world employees engaged in active behaviors and made healthy lifestyle choices. The game was under the direction of Live Bright, the employer wellness folks from Methodist.

Here’s how the game works

The number of steps a player takes (entered manually into the game or through a synched activity tracker like Fitbit, pedometers, and free steps apps) advances his or her avatar across the game board and toward the “safe house” or next level. Players ward off alien attacks with bonus points for exercise and avoid alien mind control by making good dietary choices. If the alien army catches up with a player, he or she turns into a mind-controlled alien drone and begins chasing the other players!

Players earned points for steps and daily healthy behaviors, like bringing their lunch to work, cutting down pre-bed screen time, and participating in Deskercises offered by email and text throughout the day. The goal of the challenge was to increase daily steps and instill long-term healthy behaviors at work and at home. And it succeeded!

The results

Twelve company teams of more than 460 total employees joined Methodist to out-step aliens, and the game got results:

  • Participants walked a combined 38,000-plus miles
  • They increased their average daily steps by 32 percent from week 1 to week 6 of the challenge.
  • 96 percent were active
  • 58 percent stayed active the entire six weeks.

Because of this challenge:

  • 78 percent walked more
  • 69 percent exercised more
  • 49 percent paid closer attention to their diet
  • 58 percent agreed that their overall health improved
  • 63 percent created healthy habits that they intend to maintain
  • 100 percent said they had fun!

Congratulations to all the challenge winners and everyone who took steps toward health!

Top teams

First Place

ReadyToWork/On-Target Supplies & Logistics

Second Place:

Scrambled Legs
Republic Title of Texas

Third Place:

Madison Central 1
ReadyToWord/On-Target Supplies & Logistics

Top Individuals

Most Steps: “Da Flash”

Mari Brock
Cedar Valley College 

Most Alien KOs: “The Norris”

Mark Butschek
ReadyToWork/On-Target Supplies & Logistics 

Most Health Gained: “CDC Hero”

Rita Mohsin
Federation of State Medical Boards

Most Alien Steps: “Space Invader”

Kevin Seelman 
Lockton Dunning Benefits 

Highest Ferocity: “Ferociously Precocious”

David Liou
City of Richardson


Active companies

  • ReadyToWork/On Target Supplies & Logistics
  • Republic Title of Texas
  • Cedar Valley College
  • City of Richardson
  • Rogers O’Brien Construction
  • Klein Tools
  • Lockton Dunning Benefits
  • Federation of State Medical Boards
  • UR Holdings
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Methodist Health System



Carrie Camin
Assistant Vice President Wellness
Methodist Health System 

Carrie directs the internal wellness program to improve the health of Methodist Health System’s employee and dependent population and leads Methodist’s Live Bright population health management solutions to provide wellness program strategy, design and management services to community employers, municipalities and school districts. Under her direction Methodist earned top honors as the Dallas Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer in 2015 and achieved Platinum status as a Fit Friendly Company by the American Heart Association for 2013 and 2014. She also served on the application team for Methodist earning the prestigious Texas Award for Performance Excellence in 2015. She also is responsible for the on-site Fitness Center at the Methodist Dallas Campus and supports system-wide community health events like the Dallas Heart Walk, American Diabetes’ Tour de Cure Ride and Step Out Walk.

Carrie serves as a member of the American Diabetes Association DFW Leadership Board and Worksite Wellness Leader Alliance Board, American Heart Association’s North Texas Health Alliance Worksite Wellness Work Group and placed first as Fittest Executive 2014 for Dallas. She is committed to support Methodist Health System’s mission to improve and save lives.

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