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Methodist Charlton Eases Childbirth Road for First-time Mom

Posted by Craig Premo on Oct 20, 2015 9:04:28 AM

First-time childbirth at Methodist Charlton

Veda Thompson can recall every uneven segment of pavement along the route to Methodist Charlton.

I didnt remember that there were so many bumps in the road,she says about her car ride to the hospital as labor pains gripped her.

Her first child was on his way, and like other childbirth stories, the narrative was taking a shape of its own.Her son was nearly a week past his due date, and although she and her doctor had scheduled an induction, labor started on its own.

Childbirth at Methodist Charlton

Charlton is the hospital closest to Thompsons house and other women she knew had recommended it. She also recalled the care she received there during an overnight stay during her pregnancy for an illness. Doctors had kept her for the night to make sure everything was all right.

Twelve hours of labor were ahead after her water broke, but an epidural comforted her a bit. Then on June 8, Ian Frazier Thompson made his appearance weighing in at 7 pounds and 15 ounces.

Having her mother, Gayla Burton beside her helped the process since Thompsons husband, Sterling Thompson, is in the Army and serving in in Kuwait.

My mom was my rock,Thompson says.

But the staff also put her at ease.

The nurses - they were all smiling, friendly faces and they explained everything,Thompson remembers.

She even saw a friendly face, a nurse from her childbirth class who remembered her name.

Childbirth at Methodist Charlton Medical CenterThey were familiar with my doctor Dr. Randall Chee-Awai, which was comforting,she says. They told each other, remember this is her first baby,and gave me that motherly understanding.

Care for a newborn child

When Thompson saw her son, she says he took her breath away. Then as they whisked him away to check his vital signals, she felt at ease. 

The nurses took such good care,she's says. I was praying and saying I hope hes OK.

They weighed him and reassured her all was all right. Her time in the maternity wing included an education about breastfeeding. The nurses also helped her get used to walking around as her strength returned. Thompson remembers one nurse, Katrina Nesbitt, who was there every steep of the way.

It was just a very pleasant experience,Gayla Burton, Thompsons mother, says. From the beginning everyone was really helpful and comforting and professional.

One of Thompsons favorite memories of the experience was the reassurance she had during the exit information session following the birth. Nurses gave the new moms handmade baby caps, offered reminders for newborn care and asked them if they had any questions.

I am so grateful for the way Charlton takes care of mothers and babies,Thompson says. It was such a special experience.

Have your child at Methodist Charlton Medical Center

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